Lottery starts: 1. June 2024 02:00

Lottery ends: 30. June 2024 02:00

This Lottery has a minimum of 1 tickets

This Lottery is limited to 100 tickets

This Lottery will have 1 winner

0 Tickets available: 100 100
Date User Ticket
1. June 2024 00:00Lottery started

🎉🚀 Want to see your coin shine on Your dream could come true! Participate in the exciting TxBAi BoostLottery voting and get the chance to receive 2000 votes for your coin or token project on!

For just $0.50 per entry, you could achieve this fantastic goal and put your project in the spotlight. Don’t wait any longer! Hop on the success train now and join in! 🌟

1️⃣ Vote: Choose your favorite coin and cast your vote.

2️⃣ Pay: Pay just $0.50 or the equivalent in BNB per vote to participate.

3️⃣ Win: A lucky winner will be drawn every month, receiving 2000 votes for their coin or token project and having their coin featured on!

Join in and let your coin shine!

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